Ad Submission Requirements

Advertising digital file requirements

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Submitted ads must be the correct size, colour mode, and at an appropriate image resolution. Ads that do not meet these standards may incur an additional charge to re-size or reformat the ad.

File Size: The submitted file must be the exact size specified in the [file]. Files do not require bleeds, registration marks or any other markings outside of the printable area. An inside margin or ‘Safety’ area of 0.125” (3.175mm) is recommended for text. A border is not required around the ad but may be added as deemed necessary by Masthead staff.
Note: Files may be enlarged slightly to fill space. Ads will never be reduced below the size of ad purchased.

Colours: Black and white ads must be submitted in greyscale. Colour ads must be submitted in Process (CMYK colour) mode. Any ads that are not submitted in the correct colour space will be converted which may result in un-intended changes in
colour and brigthness. Spot (Pantone) colours should be
converted prior to ad submission. Spot colours in submitted ads will be converted to their closest CMYK counterpart and may result in a slight change in intended colour. All Business directory ads are greyscale.

Resolution: For best results ads should be submitted at a
resolution of 300dpi/ppi (dots per inch or pixels per inch) at 100% magnification (not upscaled). Ads at lower resolutions may result in poor print quality.

File Format: The best file format for display ad submissions is PDF. TIFF files are acceptable as well as EPS files so long as all images are embedded and fonts converted to outlines. JPEG files are not ideal due to their image compression. PNG, GIF, WebP and Word Documents are not acceptable file formats.

Resources: – File format conversion – Colour space conversion